On the Issues

Things I believe:
I believe listening is the first step to solve a problem.
I believe that this country was founded as “one nation under God” and needs to remain that way.
I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.
I believe that the men and women who protect our freedoms deserve our respect and honor.
I believe that free enterprise should be just that—free—and not over-taxed or over-regulated by the government.
I believe in the right to keep and bear arms.
I believe that life begins at conception.
I believe values need to be taught at home, not legislated from the capitol.
I believe government needs to be close to the people, not sprawled on top of them.
I believe government should help people, not control them.
I believe in common-sense government leadership.
I believe in the responsible development of our natural resources while growing our economy through tourism.
I believe in protecting small business.
I believe in solving problems through working together.
I believe the homeless person is just as important as the CEO.
I believe Montanans are more alike than different and we can use that to create jobs and strengthen our economy.
I believe less taxes help more people than taxing a few to help many.
I believe our veterans can be our greatest assets.
I believe education is the key to financial freedom.
I believe in the good people of Montana making good choices.
I believe we need to protect the public’s right to access public land.


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