Signing of Consumer Protection Bill

The following is a press release from the Montana Attorney General’s Office regarding the Consumer Protection Bill for those interested.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            Anastasia Burton, Deputy Communications Director

April 16, 2013                                                                     406-444-9869 

New Law Establishes Tougher Penalties for Read more…

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I don’t need to say “I will” because I have! I am running for re-election in the Montana House of Representatives in House District #93. I am the “proven” conservative. My voting record shows action behind my promises.

Reduction of Government – I voted for reducing the size of government in Montana by over 430 full time equivalent positions last session.

Education – I supported and pushed for tuition freeze and performance based budgeting for our education systems, a more equitable funding system for primary and secondary education in our state, school safety, truancy reforms, concussion protection and flexibility for special needs students in our school systems.

Property Rights – My voting record received a 94% rating by the United Property Owners of Montana.

Business and Jobs – Serving as the vice chairman of the Business and Read more…

Salomon Releases Filing for Re-Election

January 29, 2014

Ronan, MT – Republican, Dan Salomon of Ronan has announced his filing for re-election for the state House of Representatives in House District #93. Salomon has represented House District #12 for two terms, but due to state redistricting, the new number for the central and southern Lake county district is now 93.

He serves on the House Education, Agriculture and Business and Labor committees. He is also vice-chairman of the Read more…