Get Involved!

Running a successful campaign takes a lot of hard work, time, money, and volunteers.  I need your support.

In addition to encouraging others to vote for me, there are numerous other things you can do to help me.  If you are willing to help in any of the following areas, please contact me.  I would appreciate anything you can do! 
Donate to my campaign ($530 limit per person) 
Host a fundraiser 

Invite me as a guest speaker to your organization 

Allow me to place a yard sign on your property 

Host a “meet and greet” in your neighborhood 

Drop literature door to door in my district 

Make phone calls 

Allow me to use your name as an endorsement for my campaign 

Please contact me:

To help me financially you can send a check to:
Salomon for Senate
42470 Salomon Rd
Ronan, MT 59864